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Hand Spun
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Prayer Shawl

I just completed my first knitted prayer shawl! I used the "trinity stitch" from the prayer shawl ministry's website and I'm very pleased at how it turned out. I got an owl shaped shawl pin to go with it and it completed the project perfectly.

 So almost 3 weeks after beginning it, I finally completed the Prayer Shawl project. I already have another lined up to start once I have the yarn. I'm going to try and spin enough of my own yarn to do the shawl so wish me speed and agility because I'll need about 800 yds of finger weight 2-ply to do it. I'm going to spin 100% alpaca to do it because I like the way alpaca drapes in a garment. I'll be getting my alpaca roving from Cleo at The Sheep Shed. She has a bunch of brown/white striped alpaca that looks really nice in its natural color. I don't think I want to dye the shawl yarn. Meanwhile I'm still doggedly working on washing and drying my fine merino for use with white angora.
Speaking of angora, my German angora, Licorice donated enough angora fur for me to spin up 112 yds of 2-ply yarn. I plied it with grey and white alpaca for the following look. It's now drying on the back of my craft room door with a can of enchilada sauce in the bottom for weight. :)
I found a couple possible projects that will use just over or just under 100 yds of yarn so I'm going to end up with either a lacy scarf or a snuggly cowl made up of this deliciously soft yarn. I've already started working on the alpaca for my next shawl and I'm spinning it on Suzanna (Kromski Sonata wheel). She spins an awesome single alpaca!!!
Well tomorrow I will try soap all by myself (hopefully anyway). Jeff finished my soap molds. They're a bit on the small side so I'll start with a small batch of soap and go from there. :)
It's a dreary day here at the Nest. The weather is just blah! and cold. Daisy and Qwynn woke Jeff and I up this morning with a parrot duet of  "You Are My Sunshine" and it was all I could do not to laugh out loud in delight. However, one peep out of me would have ended the whole serenade so I had to laugh quietly and wait for them to finish singing on their own. It was adorable. Daisy has a "thing" for music. She loves singing and whistling melodies. Qwynn, as an African Grey parrot, is excellent at imitating human speech and using words to get what she wants. The whole music thing is new to her but she seems to enjoy sharing it with Daisy. Daisy is learning straight speech from Qwynn so it's a share and share alike program at my house! The Nestlings have all been very well behaved today while I've spun and knit and just relaxed on Sabbath. We were supposed to go to church this morning but Jeff ended up with a stomach bug so we stayed home. He's been rather subdued all day not feeling well so it's good the birds have been pretty quiet. Enough for now I suppose. I have alpaca to soothe me and tomorrow is Sunday = chore day so I'm going to go enjoy what's left of my day of rest. :)


  1. The prayer shawl is beautiful,it will be a comfort for someone.I`m working on one too.
    My grey is still singing merry Christmas,hah!They are so entertaining.Where did you find your shawl pin?They are so expensive the ones I`ve seen,phylliso

  2. Hi there. I just thought I would stop in, say hello, and have a look around in your wonderful space. I love all the great projects you have up. The shawl is beautiful and those spinning wheels are just lovely. I so want to learn how to spin.

  3. Thanks Phyllis and Jaime. :) Phyllis, I found the shawl pin at my local specialty yarn store. It was only $17.00. I guess that might be a bit pricey but they are hard to find. Jamie, I hope you can get into spinning. I started with a drop spindle which was affordable and portable and went from there. I LOVE spinning.

  4. That is really beautiful. I love creating my own art to wear! Something so gratifying about it. Now, using a can for a weight, I have never thought of that. I always use a rock from the back yard but a can seems easier for some reason!