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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Renee and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day - Even in Australia

I have NO idea how a day could start out with such promise and go downhill so very quickly but I believe the insidious nature of water to be the root cause of my woe. Somewhere between our washer/dishwasher drain pipe and the main drain pipe, there is a clog. We found out the hard way today. Our kitched sink backed up when we ran the dishwasher and Jeff, being the industrious husband he is, set to work fixing the problem. With a plunger. He plunged and plunged for a good half hour never leaving the kitchen sink for a moment. However, when I walked past the laundry room which was by that point, entirely flooded with water and food debris from the garbage disposal, I couldn't subdue my gasp of horror. Jeff and I got towels
and the shop vac and he vacuumed the water off the floor and set up the box fan to dry it all out. Once that was done we worked on those pipes for a while and let the water softener drain into that drain to see if it backed up. It seemed to be going well until Jeff went into the kitchen and issued the twin gasp to mine of earlier. The kitchen sink had overflowed with water and now the KITCHEN was afloat. Luckily no more food debris. We'd had enough. So now he's at Home Depot buying a snake to work down through the pipes to clear the clog. My house, which started out clean from yesterday's efforts, is a little thrashed. I hate living in a thrashed house. But there's no point putting it back together until we know we won't be cleaning up another deluge.
I'm unaccountably upset by this whole thing. That I can lay at the door of New Years. The new year was supposed to start out lovely and bright, safe and warm and peaceful. Instead we got this. It beats how 2010 was ushered in though I guess. Last year at this time my baby Amazon parrot Jia died from neurological disorder and malnutrition from the breeder who starve weaned her. THAT was truly an awful death and I hope to never have to see another animal suffer like that again. I held her for 4 hours while she struggled to live and lost the fight. So I supposed, next to that, a little water logging isn't such a bad thing. But it's not what I would have chosen if God had handed me a list and asked me to chose how my first day of 2011 would go. I was so agitated that I messed up a few rows of my alpaca scarf and then was terrified to touch my spinning lest I somehow damage my work there too. We didn't go to church like I had planned because of my awful allergies. We adopted a new kitten yesterday from the Humane Society. I named his Grady and he's 8 months old. He's been banged up a bit from something or other and in order to keep him around so he knows this is home, he's living in my bathroom for a couple of days. I'm so very allergic to cats! I love them dearly but I suffer when they're in such close proximity for long periods of time. Like 10 minutes. :) But  when Zipper died we meant to adopt another cat and got our chance yesterday. He's a neutered male and he's soft as cream. Here's his picture. He took to hiding in my bathroom closet until he ventured into the linens. I had to relocate him after that. No cats in my sheets please.
He's not actually cross-eyed. But his eyes are a little close together for all appearances. In actuality, it's that white stripe up the middle of his face. It does this optical illusion thing when you look at him so that his eyes seem too close together. They really aren't. I hope that in Heaven I get to have lots of cats in my forever home to sit on my lap and sleep with me on my bed at night - or whatever Heaven offers of that variety. I hate being so allergic to such wonderful, soft, sweet critters. Tomorrow we introduce him to the other cats and the rabbit in the garage where he'll actually live. We live on 1.5 acres in the country and the mouse population has spiked because the neighbors are killing the foxes and coyotes. Rabbits and rodents of all varieties are flourishing out here now. So we have 3 cats now to help keep the gopher (ick!) and mouse populations in check in our immediate vicinity. I've told Grady that me may NOT bring home any of these...
Our cat Zipper who died earlier this year used to bring these to us. We rescued and released 3 baby cottontail bunnies this past summer from Zipper. This is only one of them. Cute isn't it? I've never seen a baby bunny so small until this one.
Well Jeff just called and he's on his way home with the snake - and ice cream for me. :) There's one resolution I've already broken. It's why I never made resolutions before. Guess I need to stick to not resolving to things. He also said that he bought the supplies to make my soap molds. I ordered my fragrances and unscented cocoa butter to make my soap with. The cocoa butter is what I'll super fat the soap with to make it extra creamy. I'm just waiting on fragrances now. They're on their way from Ohio and should arrive around Jan. 4th. I'm pretty excited about that!
So Sabbath is over, the 1st day of 2011 is on its way out and I'm hoping for a do-over tomorrow. Wish me luck. :)


  1. i am so sorry you had a really bad day today. i hope you get some rest tonight and have a better day tomorrow. hugs from florida... deanna

  2. I`m praying tomorrow will be better for you.Isn`t that awful when things go so bad so fast?We have had the same plumbing problems,our house/cabin was built in the 50`s so we can`t really complain when things don`t work right.We should`ve done updates years ago,starting with the electric & plumbing,but we all know how that is,if it isn`t broke,why fix it?Ha,hah,phylliso

  3. Oh my goodness. How tragic! I know how you feel. Several months ago my friend accidentally flushed her keys down my toilet and it caused huge plumbing problems...onion peels and coffee grinds floating in the washing machine and toilet is very interesting to see. I hope you all are able to fix it! Your new kitty is terribly cute! I can't wait to see your soap too!