Hand Spun

Hand Spun
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Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Long Time Away

I haven't blogged for ages! It's been so long I had a hard time remembering how to sign on to blogspot!
The Little Wren's Nest has been busy! We have 8 dogs (two Bigs and 6 Littles), still have the parrots and the canary, and I'm still spinning, knitting, crocheting, and weaving. I have even messed around with Sculpy and other polymer clays. My efforts on that front have been in vain. I will never be a traditional artist. I can't draw, my painting is embarrassing, and now I know I can't sculpt either. It's OK though. It's good to know your talents and your limits. Otherwise I'd probably be good at nothing but try everything.
I'm headed back to school next month to finish my BA and move on to my master's degree. Between working full time, going to school part time, and running a home, I'm not sure what the overall impact will be on my spinning and knitting.
I have a studio in the midst of construction. I will eventually be able to work from home - I think. So lots of things are changing and there is a lot of potential waiting to be tapped into.
I've collected a couple of new wheels. I have my Rose and the Kromski still but I've also acquired a Columbine wheel (yellow) named Princess Buttercup and a newer Ashford Traditional wheel I named Ophelia and will likely take to work.
I started teaching knitting and crochet for free at work during lunches and breaks. I've had a few good students and a few who started and then gave up.
January will find me giving free drop spindle lessons to a few very interested parties at work. I've been knitting A LOT of hats and shawls and found myself falling far behind on my spinning. So I'm going to focus on that. I have a 30lb bump of rambouillet wool waiting to be dyed and spun up into lovely yarn. I've done a few blending experiments on my drum carder with wool roving and angora. My most recent yarn has been a blend of wool, angora, and alpaca. It's light, soft,  and blue and white. Here's an angora/wool blend I dyed and knitted up into a slouch hat. These are so much fun to knit and wear!
And now I'm sort of up to date. I plan on posting more about everything going on but mostly the artsy craftsy fiber side of life. Be back soon!