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Hand Spun
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Unfinished Projects

Those of you who craft know this tale. Project A begins with much enthusiasm and spirit. You are all kinds of excited to see the final product and you work fiendishly to complete it. Along comes Project B. Project B is new and novel and fascinates you! You want to start it right away but hold off because you still haven't completed Project A. While you're working away on A, all you can think about is B and how much fun it will be. Project A begins to lose its luster and you decide to "start" Project B because you're almost done with A after all and it can't hurt to have two things going at the same time, right? You throw yourself into Project B with as much enthusiasm as you started out with on A and it consumes you. You put Project A in a bag in plain sight because you have every intention of completing it and you are NOT giving up on it. You just need a break from A and B provides it. Enter Project C. Project C is unlike anything you've ever done before and you've always wanted to do it. The opportunity comes along to do C and you simply cannot ignore this seemingly once-in-a-lifetime chance to start Project C. After all, you may not get this chance again. Only a fool would pass it up, right? So you hastily put Project B in a bag and put it in plain sight because you have every intention of completing it and you are NOT giving up on it. Project A is still in its bag. You spend a little time looking at the two bags and decide that in order to save space, you'll put Project A in the closet. But it will go to the front of the closet because you still have every intention of finishing it once you get Project C done. Project B takes the spot Project A had before it was relegated to the closet because you need to make eye contact with it every day in your determination to keep Project B a work in progress.  And so the story goes. Sound familiar to anyone else?
Well I have several Project bags in my closet in the craft room. I will not freely admit to how many but take my word for it. There's a lot to be done. :) Each bag has projects in various stages of completion and no two  are alike. I could finish any of the projects any time I choose... if I can find the pattern for it or the rest of the yarn I had that goes with it or the rug hook I know I have in a drawer somewhere in my sewing room (the list goes on).
This is the story of my life. Not every project ends up in a bag. These things happen at certain stages in life. Well today, while lying on my couch with my cold virus to keep me company, my mind started to rummage through the Projects in my memory and I picked one out to finish. I got up off the couch and found the Granny Square afghan I have completed but haven't taken the time to weave in its loose ends. It's my least favorite part of doing an afghan, especially a Granny Square afghan so it was really easy to put it in a Project bag. :) Today it came out of the closet, was placed in a NEW bag meant to represent that it was once again an active Project and I'm going to take it to work with me tomorrow. On breaks and lunches I will now take the time to weave in those loose ends. I'll knit and spin and sew at home and at work I will try and complete the last stages of some of my unfinished Projects. It's not a New Years resolution or intention or whatever we're calling it these days. I just realized how many wonderful things I have in my closet that would take little effort to complete and make lovely gifts for people or useful items in my own home!
Here is my first Newly Active Project (hereafter called NAP - like that? ) Now I can NAP at home and at work! lol!
I will weave in all the loose ends on the back side of this blanket and it will be done! In case you're curious, I started and completed this afghan over 5 years ago and it's been sitting and waiting for those ends to be woven in all this time! :)
Wonder what I'll do with it once I weave in the last stray yarn strand.....


  1. I`m sitting here grinning,how true that is,at least you have yours in bags & know what`s what.My upstairs is where I store fabric I had to have,for what,I don`t know now.Probably because it was such a steal deal.It`s starting to look like I may be the next person on the hoarder show.I have been working up there to at least get rid of the fleece I bought.Someone surely could use that if I made some into blankets & hats.phylliso

  2. Forgot to say how pretty your granny squares are,love the color,reminds me of spring,hope you are feeling better,phylliso