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Hand Spun
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring is here I think

This weekend we saw our first Western Meadowlark on the fence in our backyard. To me, that says "Spring is here!" Tonight while I was doing my "farm chores" outside in the dusky twilight I was surprised at how warm it was. All around us are snow-covered mountains. The clouds were all purple/blue making the sky look bruised somehow and yet the air was warm and Robins were singing to each other as day ended. I just had to take a moment and enjoy what was all around me.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Where did the time go?

Wow! I can hardly believe it's already almost the end of March! So much has happened. Guess I'd better work on catching up on here.
First, I own two more angora rabbits. Butterscotch is a fawn colored angora and Divinity is a white angora. They're still just little babies but they stay in the garage with Licorice, my black adult angora right now. I'm also fostering 5 other baby angoras. Othello and Angus are black males, Peter and Abby are whites, and Cocoa is a chestnut agouti colored angora. I LOVE Cocoa. But I can only have two of the babies so I picked colors I don't already have. Cocoa's fur will be grey when she grows up and Licorice's black fur is actually grey once it's harvested. They all have great personalities. They eat bananas like sharks at a chum feed. It makes me laugh. They come to the cage door hoping for pets and loves and kisses every time they see me. It's going to be hard to see them go when my fostering time is up. I have had friends and family come over to hold and play with them to help them become well socialized. Since they are fiber animals, it's good for them to be used to hands and being held and touched so their fur can be harvested with as little trauma to humans and animals alike every 3 months or so. Licorice is actually due to be shorn this weekend. I'll take pictures and post about it on Sunday.
I moved bird cages around tonight before sundown. Qwynn and Daisy are now in the TV room and all the smaller birds are in the other large area. Qwynn was terrorizing the little birds by flying onto their cages. Now that she's with Daisy that will stop... I hope. Jinx, my lovebird, has her little beak out of joint because she wants to be in the TV room with me instead of having Qwynn in there. I'm hoping she gets used to the new arrangement. We'll try it for the weekend and see what happens by the end of Sunday. If everyone is miserable I'll put them all back the way they were. It can be crazy here at the Wren's Nest!
I'll skip talking about work since I want this to be a positive blog and I have nothing good to say about work right now.
Jeff has food poisoning tonight. He's been sick all day. We probably won't be going to church tomorrow if he's still sick.
The dogs all got bones tonight. Inca doesn't really care for bones... unless they belong to Mingo or Duchess. Then Inca is interested in being sneaky and stealing everyone else's bone and keeping his too. It's funny to watch them all try and distract and fool each other into leaving their bone unattended so the other can swoop in and snatch it up.
Our little cat Grady decided we didn't have enough baby bunnies in our garage so he found a wild cottontail baby rabbit and brought it into the garage and just snuggled with it. Jeff found Grady and the wild bunny sitting on the garage floor together. He said the bunny wasn't injured and Grady was just snuggling it. Jeff caught the bunny and set it loose again in the farmer's field by our house. We have crazy cats!
I've been listening to Diane Mott Davidson books about Goldie the caterer this week. Those books are so good and fun to listen to but they ALWAYS make me hungry! LOL! Seriously... they do.
I got to go into a barn with a baby alpaca a few weeks ago. The baby alpaca was fascinated with my camera and I got some great video of her walking up to me, licking my face and warbling at me. I got to touch her and pet her and she didn't want me to leave when it was time to go. I just gotta say. I would really enjoy owning an alpaca I think. I need to call Cleo and see if I can go out for another visit. It was fun to see all their baby lambs and listen to them bleat and hear the alpacas hum and warble. Animals are the best!
I'm spinning like crazy! I finished my first shawl made from my own homespun yarn and decided to keep it. It has some flaws but I really like it anyway. I've never kept any of my "firsts" of anything until now. At first I felt guilty but then decided that since it had flaws it was OK to keep it and give away my next project that won't have the same flaws. :) Carol helped me feel better about keeping it. So now I use it on weekend mornings when I want to stay in my PJs but I just need a small wrap to stay warm. The shawl is perfect for that. My next project is already well underway and I'm spinning and spinning. It's actually reduced my blood pressure. Until I took up spinning yarn, I had high blood pressure. Now I have normal BP and I didn't have to change anything I ate or drank or take in more exercise. I just spin for health. :)
Guess that's pretty well caught up for now. I'll post pics of baby bunnies, Licorice's shearing and other odds and ends. I'm so happy the weekend is here again!!!!