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Hand Spun
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random blogginess

Being new to blogging I'm not sure if there are generally accepted ideas about how often one should blog to be consider a " decent " blogger. Not that I'm the poster child for decency, but I do like to put forth my best effort. Everyone is voting today. Well, I haven't voted yet because I am at work making money to pay taxes so that the people I vote for can use my hard earned cash well. Right. Having said that, I have mandatory overtime at work so if I can get to the polls I will. If not, I will never admit it. Heeheehee.
I think I am finally turning the corner toward getting away from this cold bug. Meanwhile I have Craft Group at my house tomorrow night and I can hardly wait. Tonight I mop floors, hassle Jeff about cleaning his bathroom, make sure I have chairs and snack ideas all worked out and get ready to have company. Most of us are crocheting right now with a knitter mixed in occasionally. I might spin since I'll be at home and won't have to lug the wheel around anywhere to use it. I haven't gotten to spin or sew for two weeks so it's time to blow the dust off and get cracking again. I'm at T minus 2 weeks and one day before the holiday bazaar at work so I need to have my crafts completed and priced before then. My crocheted items are done but my lap quilts still need bindings and I have two more to start from scratch if I have time. But my heart is longing to spin my alpaca! I need to tell my heart to just hold it's horses and settle down because my other crafts are what will pay for my new spinning wheel. I need to go out to The Sheep Shed and look at wheels with Cleo and put some money down on one though. Now that I know what to look for in a wheel this buying experience will be much different than it was with my first wheel.
Having blogged, I now feel better. Not like so much of a slacker anymore. I'm going back to work to earn my daily crust of bread. :)

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