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Hand Spun
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Craft Night with the girls

Wednesday night this week a few good friends and I got together for craft night at my place.  The birds were all on their best behavior (except the Amazon of course) and we had nachos with Carrie's homemade salsa, cookies and finger food. Good stuff! After the eating we all compared projects and I took pictures which I am going to post. Carrie is crocheting dresses for her grand daughters, Rachel is working on her first granny square afghan, Suzie did this amazing amigurumi dragon and is working on a penguin now. Her daughter made her a panda and I have a picture of that too. I'm doing more fingerless gloves to sell at the craft bazaar.  So we all sat around and chatted and told stories. Carrie got a new tattoo of her African Grey parrot so we got to see that too. All in all, it was a very good time and we scheduled the night for next month to do it again! There's nothing like having a gaggle of girls to hang out with and craft and share with. We talked about how God brings us together as friends at the right times with the right people and how happy we were for that gift. There's just nothing like a good friend! Can't wait for next month!
In the meanwhile, I've been working OT at work (sigh) and trying to have a life at the same time. Virtually impossible if I want to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep at night as well as spin or crochet or watch a movie or something. So I'm short on sleep tonight and already feeling like I should be in bed. Our wood for winter was delivered today and I'm super relieved to have that all taken care of. The fence guy finally called us back and he's going to start a chicken coop run expansion for us next week. Hooray!! I still have a cough and I'm supposed to sing at church tomorrow. I can't get through the song I picked out so my cousin Rachel is going to sing with me and that will be wonderful! My voice is just too weak after 17 days of coughing, clearing my throat and trying to function.
I sat down at the spinning wheel tonight for a few minutes until my back started to ache from hunching over. I need a better spinning chair. Anyway, I grabbed what I thought was alpaca and started to spin it. The hand of the roving felt all wrong and I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. Then I realized I'd picked up the wrong bag and was spinning coarse wool not soft alpaca! Duh! That's when I realized I was too tired to spin anything worth using and I should set it aside until later. When a spinner can't tell the difference between coarse wool and alpaca, it's time to call it a night. :(  I want to make time to spin this weekend though. I still have lap quilts to finish but I NEED to spin. I physically crave it at this point. Does that make me an addict? (laughing)
My friend Carol is going to be at the Eagle holiday craft bazaar this weekend and I'm going to go visit her booth and check out all the crafty stuff on Sunday. This time of year is so much fun! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I have that whole week off to spin and knit and crochet and spin and spin some more. Did I mention I plan on spinning that week? :)  Then Christmas comes next with all the good food, the caroling, the cold weather and snow and warm fires. Yeah!!!
OK, well enough about that I guess. I'm going to post some pictures of crafts from craft night and my most recent yarn. I got some variegated top from a friend and it's the first top I've ever spun. It became a nice bit of yarn. Check out those colors!!
Carrie's tattoo is of her African Grey named Allison.


  1. That is a great tattoo!Really lifelike!
    I love the earthy colors of the spun yarn,they are my colors...phylliso

  2. i am sad that i am missing out on craft nights!

  3. Not that sounds like a fun group of ladies! It has been so long since my friends and I had a craft night. We have to get it going again! Thanks for the inspiration and for stopping by my blog!