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Hand Spun
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Crazy antics!

Life at my house has been just nuts since Sunday. There I was, calmly watching TV at 7pm in my living room when a tiny little field mouse goes skittering behind Daisy's cage and under the TV. I, of course, yell for Jeff and start wondering where the little monster came from and how I'm going to deal with the invasion. It took me 3.2 seconds to decide we were being overrun. (rolls eyes) So I moved furniture, vacuumed the house - again - and tried to remove any possible food source. Of course, the whole time I'm doing this, I realize that while I'm at work on Monday the birds will be throwing food to the mice all day long. Probably in exchange for whatever tricks the mice know. I had the whole mouse/bird conspiracy worked out in my head before I had finished cleaning that night. Nevertheless, I had to do something so since we had no traps in the house, I cleaned. Monday night we bought traps and brought them home. Jeff began setting them out and I decided to wash the bedding. I lifted a blanket of the bed and a mouse jumped out of the now aloft blanket, bounced off me and landed back on the bed. I screamed because I was so startled and he then had the audacity to race across MY PILLOW in order to escape the screaming human female who rousted him out of his soft, warm bed. So now I'm washing everything  - again. Jeff caught the mouse last night but I have no idea how long he's been in here. I vacuum or sweep every night so no mouse poop would have accumulated to tell me we had an interloper of the rodent variety. I had 3 baskets of freshly washed laundry sitting in the bedroom. All of that will now be washed again as well. My unexplained asthma is now perfectly understandable as well. I'm VERY allergic to mice. Almost as allergic as I am to cats. Lucky me huh?
Tonight I got home from work with Subway for Jeff and I. We got the chickens set up with a heat lamp and I cleaned the rabbit hutch. We're supposed to get a bit of snow tonight so I wanted the critters all as comfortable as possible before the first storm. After chores I let the inside birds out to play on their cage tops and sat down to eat. Daisy, my Blue Fronted Amazon, decided my sandwich looked really good and that she wanted some. Now keep in mind that Daisy never learned to fly. When I got her she had been clipped by the breeder and was almost a year old. Since I got her, I let her fledge and have been helping her experiment with flight. It's good for parrots to at least learn to fly even if you have to clip them for safety reasons later. Anyway, Daisy decided to come get a piece of my sandwich all on her own and LAUNCHED herself straight up in the air and flew onto our ceiling fan, landing on a blade. We always keep the ceiling fan off when the birds are out and I was never more glad about that than I was today. lol! Here's Daisy....

She looked so confused about how she got up there and she didn't have a clue how to get down. I had to snap these pics before I stood on the back of the couch to rescue her. Right after this, my African Grey who is fully flighted flew into the dining area (which she knows is off limits) to land on my head.  Putting down my half eaten sandwich, I admitted defeat and made the birds some hand feeding formula to give them. It's a special treat that I mix with red palm oil to help their feathers and skin stay healthy. They LOVE it. Qwynn, the African Grey gets it from a syringe like she did when she was a baby and Daisy prefers to eat it out of a cup. After I gave it to them, Qwynn sat and talked to her toys while she played with them (which was really cute by the way) and Daisy played with her plastic measuring cups and sang a little bit of a song from time to time. It was like I'd flipped the magic switch and everyone was happy. I actually got to finish my food afterward too which made me happy as well.
Thursday is Veteran's Day and my company is giving it to us as a paid holiday. I have an appointment with Cleo at The Sheep Shed to go look at new spinning wheels. She's going to let me spin on a few and pick out the one I want so I can put money down on it and start paying it off. I hope to be able to bring it home by Christmas! Woohooo!! I'm very excited. Already I think I want a Schacht with a high speed whorl. I haven't actually spun on it yet so I'm waiting to make my final decision once I've spun on the wheels. I feel like a kid in a candy shop though. Jeff got his new video game tonight and I've been encouraging him to go play with it. He did for a while then came and slept on the couch while I crocheted yet another hat for the holiday bazaar and watched TV. Then he volunteered to go get me some orange juice because I mentioned it sounded good (he's so awesome!) and when he came home, we battened down the hatches and the rain started. The roads are going to be slick in the morning so I'm going to hit the sack now and get up early to make the drive in safe and as slowly as I need to. Hope everyone reading this is safe, warm, loved and happy tonight. :)


  1. Daisy looks mighty pleased with herself.
    I don`t know if I can find red palm oil around here,I will look.That sounds like a good idea for a special treat.
    I hate mice.I discovered they were getting in by holes where our cable comes in,so everything is chaulked,so far none yet,time will tell.We also adopted a farm kitten,so we hope he earns his keep,phylliso

  2. Oh man, I had a mouse problem but my cat solved it! She is quite a hunter. I was going to suggest a cat but then...your allergic! Ah, pesky mice. Good luck! Daisy is adorable.