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Friday, November 5, 2010

Bird Brain

OK. I have this thing about birds. I love 'em! Big ones, little ones, ones that sing, ones that talk, and even birds that bite. God had me in mind when he made birds. I have NO idea why it took me 33 years to figure it out though. I am allergic to virtually every animal on the planet - except birds. I have asthma but do you think that stops me from giving my African Grey kisses on her tummy and breathing in all her dusty goodness? It most certainly does not. And my asthma is not exacerbated by it in the least. My mom was very allergic to birds so we never had them in the house when I was growing up. But she loved them too. She raised geese outside. Those geese followed my mother everywhere! She would be outside weeding the flowers and she 'd have one goose on her left and one on her right and all 3 of them would have their heads poking into the same plant or sbrub. So I'm in excellent company when I admit that I love birds. I have a house full of them. In fact. Here's the count:
3 Quaker parrots
4 cockatiels
4 finches
1 canary
1 Maroon bellied conure
1 Blue Front Amazon parrot
1 Congo African Grey
1 Lovebird
No partridges in the pear tree yet but I do have 5 chickens outside in a coop as well. So since this blog is going to be about the things I love, I had to give the birds some space of their own.


  1. I used to have finches.We got to see them nest & have babies.It was interesting to watch them rear them.I finally sold all of them,having cages everywhere,I had no place to put them.
    The macaws have their own bedroom,I bring them out from there to join the family.I need to make them a different perch.
    I`ll see if I can dig up pics of just the mohair spun.I was a new beginner when I spun it tho.Now I`m somewhat better.Spinning so relaxs me,I can almost fall asleep doing it.I had to get a double treadle,I have an ashford joy.phyllis

  2. I hope very soon to have a double treadle too. You B&G Macaws are so lovely. If I had a bird that big they'd need their own bedroom too. Can' t wait to see mohair yarn pics. :) I have only male finches so they don't breed me out of house and home. Especially the society finches. They're little baby bird machines! :)