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Hand Spun
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Navajo ply

Last night I sat down at Suzannah, my Kromski Sonata spinning wheel and attempted a Navajo ply for the first time. I had spun an unknown number of yards of wool single onto my jumbo bobbin and it was full and ready for plying. I started at 6pm. Jeff watered the birds and swept the floor at 7pm because while the video I watched to learn to N-ply taught me the process, it never discussed how to set your work aside without messing it up. lol! Here's the video I learned from. This is the best example of N-ply available on YouTube.


FOUR HOURS later, I finished with sore fingers and a little thread burn. I'd learned several valuable lessons:
1. Use a tensioned Lazy Kate for your bobbin of single
2. Don't set the tension too high on the Kate or you will snap your single... repeatedly.
3. If I ply off a jumbo bobbin, I should probably save the project for the weekend rather than a weeknight when I have to work the next morning.
4. N-ply is AMAZING for controlling the color of your variegated yarn and I believe this is something I will do again and again and get better every time I do it.
Without further ado, here is my final product. I had just washed it in this picture and it's drying as I type. :)

Sorry the pics a little grainy. I had trouble with the lighting and of course, it's not in a skein because it's still wet in this picture.  The colorway is "African Violets". It's a roving I got from www.thefiberaddict.com and I really enjoyed this project. I've already started my next project on Suzanna. Rowenna is still tied up with my Mojave silk/merino blend that I haven't finished yet. Hopefully that will be done by this weekend.
On another high note, I received new soap scents and two new dyes in the mail today. All told, I have several new ideas to try out and my mentor Carol sent me peppermint and spearmint to add to my collection. I have plans for some new and fun soaps. More to come on that as the situation develops. :)


  1. I haven`t plied like that yet.Just the 2 ply.The colors are beautiful!
    I`m getting my first german angora bunny tomorrow.He is 21 weeks old.I will be getting a little girl hybrid in 7 weeks or so.I`m excited,but worrying some.I miss the holland lopeared so much.I did not know you can`t put 2 bucks together.I was going to get 2 bucks,but Sherry,the woman who has them,said they will kill each other.So,I may be bugging you about the bunny if I get worried about something,,hah,phyllis

  2. I'm so excited for you!! Can't wait to see pics of your baby bunnies! :)

  3. I love to navajo ply! I am glad you gave it a whirl! I just love how it comes together. Great job!