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Hand Spun
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crazy life

Well, "they" say that life is what happens when you are making other plans and boy is this true! Since December 2011 my life has changed drastically. I'm on a single income now (long story I won't be sharing) and because of that, I had to find homes for all my sheep, all my rabbits, all the chickens,some of my birds and my hedgehog. I have 9 parrots left, 3 outside dogs, two inside chihuahuas for snuggles and companionship, and one cat for rodent control in the garage and surrounding area. Still seems like a lot when I type it out but believe me, compared to the chores, feed bills and cleaning I was facing alone previously, the gang I have now is much easier to handle.
However, on a brighter note, I am still spinning! I entered  yarn into our state fair this year and won several ribbons. My knitting is improving with each project I undertake, although I still have a lot to learn, and I've decided to start a small savings account so that next year I can buy a Hitchhiker wheel from the Merlin Tree in order to have an "at work" wheel. Sounds crazy, right? But I can't tell you what a stress reliever spinning is for me. Hand me some fiber, sit me at a wheel, and anxiety and stress just melt away for the little while I get to just spin.
Tonight I worked on a sweet little bobbin of "Caribbean" with turquoise and coral. Looking forward to seeing what the yarn turns out like.
In the meanwhile, I'll figure out this whole Google+ picture posting mess from my phone and get some new pics out of projects and the fun things going on at The Little Wren's Nest.
 Before I go, this is Pippa, my birthday puppy. She is a chihuahua mix and my little sweet snuggle bug. Being gone all day at work left her lonely and sad. I got her a companion and named her Baylee. Baylee is a chihuahua/doxie mix. I can't get to a picture of her at the moment but will post one when I can. :)
I hope you're all looking forward to Thanksgiving as much as I am! Blessings and peace!


  1. I`m happy you are back,been thinking of you & praying for you.
    I had to get rid of my angora goats,so I feel your pain at giving up your animals.
    Spinning does the same for me,I get into a "zone" & it relaxes me so much ,I wish I could get it together now & make something from the yarn!
    Every day is a new day,& I`m sure God is directing your life in a new way now,so glad you are back,phyllis

  2. Thanks Phyllis for the thoughts and especially the prayers. I'm so sorry you had to lose your sweet goats. It's such a sad thing for us. But you have a good attitude about it and I believe you are right! :) I'm glad to be back too. ;)