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Friday, April 1, 2011

Lovely two days!

Today and yesterday were so lovely I just had to blog about them. The weather was warm and dry and sunny! On both days I got home from work and took the baby angora rabbits outside to play. I have a "bunny playpen" to put them in and let them bounce around and forage. They had so much fun!!
The boys all bounced on each other until they got so tired and worn out that they just HAD to nap. Little Butterscotch just napped the whole time. She basked in the sun until she got too warm and then went to lie in the shade. Isn't she cute? :)
Our trees are starting to blossom out. Here is my plum tree.
Isn't it great?
So today I got home, put the bunnies in their playpen, got my Amazon and her cage onto the deck outside by me and then brought out Rowenna to spin on for a while. I spent a good hour and a half spinning some lovely merino top called "Mojave" from "The Fiber Addict" in Donnely, ID.  I LOVE her fiber and I'm having so much fun spinning it up.
Tomorrow is Sabbath so we're going to church, taking naps and letting animals play if we can. The weather is supposed to be kinda cruddy so we'll have to see what we get.
Here is Daisy playing with some wood from her chew toy. She always has to have TWO pieces of something in her mouth at the same time. One just doesn't cut it in Daisy's book. :)

The last two days are the first time she's been outdoors to play in her cage. Once the mosquitoes come out we can't do it anymore. We have West Nile Virus here and it will kill birds. I couldn't bear that so better safe than sorry. For now, however, Daisy can safely play outside. Yesterday I think she said "Hi!" to every bee, fly, gnat and wild bird that flew by her and caught her eye. It was like watching a little kid discover something amazing for the first time. Today she was more content to just sit by me while I spun and ask me for kisses occasionally and play with her wooden toys. I love my animals!  What great weather. It's gone for a while. We'll be back to below 60 deg. F. by tomorrow and thru all next week according to the weather channel but I'm not sorry one bit for the sunshine we just had. We all soaked it up and it fortified us for sunless days ahead. :)

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  1. I never thought about the west nile virus.I had plans to keep the birds outdoors with me alot this summer in a cage made special for time outside.
    The bunnies are precious.phyllis