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Hand Spun
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

White White Everywhere I look

We've gotten enough snow and rain recently to cover, melt and then re-cover everything in a thick, icy layer of white snow.  Our dogs (two husky/lab mixes and one akita/shepherd mix) are loving the snow. The chickens would complain about it if they were able to however. That's chickens for you though. My inside flock here at the Wren's Nest is happily chatting and singing seemingly unaffected by winter. That's probably because with our wood burning stove running we stay somewhere near 80 deg. F indoors. Some nights I just "melt" into bed. But it's a small house and the stove is smack dab in the middle of it so there ya have it.
Here's something you should never do. Never go to a beautiful Christmas concert in the afternoon and then watch shows about zombies at night. Bad combo there. I woke up feeling depressed I think. lol! It'll pass but the zombies have gotta go. There isn't a single cheerful or uplifting thing about zombies. Not one. Think about that. :)
December is generally a rough time for my whole family since Mom died in the car accident in 2005 at Christmas. But because Christmas was her favorite holiday second only to Thanksgiving, I try and keep it alive in my heart. Mom was such an adventurous person! Everything she and I did together always had the feel of an adventure. I miss that a lot. Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming about what she and I would be up to if she were still alive. It doesn't take long to realize that thinking along those lines is less than helpful. It tends to make me less satisfied with how my life is right now and I just get sad missing her and wishing she were still here. I'll go through these ups and downs for the next few weeks and then things will level out again after the new year starts. Spring is actually harder on me than Christmas when it comes to grieving for her. Somehow, though, with all this snow, I think she'd have us at "Rigormortis Ridge" sledding with a huge group of people. We'd tailgate party with hot soups, rolls, ciders and hot cocoa while the kids and adults trudged up the very tall and steep hill only to come screaming back down in on tubes or sleds. That hill makes for one wild ride! She and I gave it it's name after she and I, Dad and Will discovered and sledded it at dusk one evening only to return the next day and see it in full daylight. At that point, we realized it was only by some miracle that one of us hadn't broken our necks coming down it the night before! But ah the possibilities for speed were too much to resist. We took groups of people there twice and had so much fun that I don't think anyone in either group will ever forget it. I've considered rounding up a troop to head back up there each winter but somehow I just can't bring myself to follow through with it. In theory it sounds wonderful. In practice, it would be much harder emotionally I think than I care to handle.
I'm skipping Christmas decorations this year. Some years  are just like that. I have a little clock that plays a Christmas Carol on the hour every hour and I think that's going to be my only decoration. Just think about how easy it will be to "undecorate" that. :)
Well now that I've completely depressed everyone else reading this, I'll go. It's chore day today and I have a lot to get done before the new work week begins. Enjoy your weather whatever you have. :) Stay warm, dry and happy!


  1. Your mom sounds amazing, what a tragic loss. I love the way you write about her and remember her. You have not depressed me one bit reading this. It is very heart warming.

  2. Thanks Liz. She really was an amazing mom and person. :)