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Hand Spun
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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Nest

The birds are finally all in their cages and covered up for the night. The floors are swept and cleaned, the rest of the critters are in bed and Jeff is in the man cave doing something technologically advanced. Me? Well I've decided to try blogging. I'm actually trying it from my iPad. I can't say I appreciate the miracle of touch screen keyboards like I should. *sigh* This was my first week at the new job. I'm with the same company I've worked at for the last 3+ years just in a new position. I have to admit that I'm loving it. I remember 15 years ago thinking how much I'd love to do what I'm doing now. And here I am actually doing it. What a crazy bumpy road though! There have been some good things over the last few years but as a whole I'd have to say that I'd never want to have to relive the last 6 years over again...ever. Only now do I feel like I'm somewhat recovering from the sheer awfulness of it all. So it's time for a new start here at the nest.
The holidays are coming up and we have a holiday craft bazaar at work just before Thanksgiving. I've been crafting like a maniac for two months solid trying to get enough items to sell and buy a new spinning wheel. I have a used, very much loved Ashford Traditional single drive spinning wheel right now and I would LOVE to upgrade to a Schacht double drive wheel with ball bearings. My spinning has really improved and I bought a greased merino wool fleece two weeks ago. It won grand champion at the state fair and it's just lovely. Once I wash and dry it and run it through my drum carder I'll be able to spin and dye it. I can hardly wait to get started.
Unfortunately I came down with the cold that won't die last week and although I've started to feel better I have a ways to go just yet. But I need to finish the lap quilts I'm working on too. I want to get some cards made up for The Wren's Nest but haven't had the time. Maybe I should enlist Jeff's help on that one.
So enough blogging for tonight. I'm going to hit the Nyquil and then hit the sack. I'll be interested to see if I keep up with this blogging thing. TTFN

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  1. Good luck with your spinning! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create!